What Publishers and Advertisers Are Thinking About the New Digital Advertising Era

November 1, 2017
11:00-12:00pm PT

With third-party cookies on the way out and other privacy-related changes on the horizon, publishers and advertisers are preparing for a new future. From its unique vantage point, DoubleVerify has been working with both advertisers and publishers to better understand how to leverage this shift to build a better industry built on trust and transparency.

Download our latest report for an analysis of industry survey results from both advertisers and publishers about the issues surrounding cookie deprecation. The insights available in this report will help both sides understand opportunities and challenges related to data, privacy and performance in the years to come.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Why some publishers are optimistic about revenue and opportunities in a post-cookie ecosystem
  • Which post-cookie targeting methods advertisers and publishers are aligned on (and where they are not)
  • The differences between advertiser and publisher first-party data plans for 2022
  • How direct deals and quality measurement can build bridges between buyers and sellers in the years to come

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