A Guide to Brand Suitability and Keyword Best Practices

November 1, 2017
11:00-12:00pm PT

A Tool to Better Collaborate with Advertisers on Brand Suitability Goals

Premium publishers bring premium audiences, and reaching those audiences is a critical piece of any brand’s strategy to maximize their advertising potential. But DV understands that meeting safety and suitability requirements can be a demanding process for publishers and advertisers alike, and there’s no single approach that can meet every brand’s individual needs.

That's why we've put together a collection of brand suitability best practices for brands that focus on ensuring various goals are met without compromising an advertiser's reach or a publisher's ability to monetize their inventory. 

How you can use this guide:

  • Share with advertiser clients to highlight tactics for fine-tuning brand suitability requirements using a range of varied techniques
  • Equip your sales and account management teams with insights about how to build lasting partnerships with advertisers
  • Deliver brand-centric tips for crafting an effective brand safety strategy that doesn't limit reach or create headaches for publishers
  • Gain insights to ensure that any publisher-advertiser relationship is as balanced and efficient as possible

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